Why is Appetite for Success important?

There remains a growing need for evidence-based programs that promote the well-being and success of youth. Very few programs exist to counteract the impact of issues such as negative peer influences, random violence, feelings of isolation from the cultural mainstream, and negative images in television media and music.

Moreover, recent high-profile attention to racial inequities in social justice raised by the Trayvon Martin case, and how these inequities impact youth, underscores the need for programs focused on positive youth development and the promotion of emotional intelligence. The majority of existing prevention and intervention programs for youth target maladjustment and problem behaviors, including violence, substance use, and delinquency. While many of these programs benefit youth, they are not specifically focused on promoting positive youth outcomes. There is a demonstrated need to emphasize strengths-based approaches when creating interventions and focusing on positive youth development. 

Appetite for Success Mentoring, is designed to empower said youth, and send a resounding message that success can be realized by tapping into their talents and skills that are uniquely their own. Through Appetite For Success, youth gain the understanding that success is obtained if they set goals, follow their passion, seek knowledge as well as fiercely and fearlessly pursue their dreams.

Youth comprise 18% of the world’s population. Representing a significant segment of the community, young people...
  • Can contribute to local development and prosperity.
  • Can be a bridge between cultures and between tradition and modernity.
  • Have the interest, energy and passion to address issues and concerns, such as heritage management, sustainable tourism, local development and community involvement.
  • Have affinity for information and communication technologies to network and transcend geographical boundaries.
  • Are in the position to act as potent agents of positive social change that will yield greater economic and social well-being in the perspective of sustainable development for generations to come.